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"My experience at The Cotton Flower and with Isabel has been second to none. Isabel has an array of services to offer and I have to say the facials are phenomenal! Isabel's attentiveness, technique, products, and ample appointment time leaves me feeling rejuvenated and pampered. Her expertise is truly praiseworthy. Her continuing thirst for knowledge makes it obvious that providing the best possible care for her clients is her goal. Make an appointment and get ready to be SPOILED!  Laura"

Subject: Facial Skin Care and Raw Men's Line

"My facial treatment at The Cotton Flower was a pleasant, relaxing experience.  The products used were very effective and the overall result for my skin was excellent.  R. Ray"

Subject: Facial Skin Care and Raw Men's Line

"I’m very happy with the Raw Men’s Line products and Isabel’s Facial Skin Treatment.  The Blue Agave Wash works great and really gets my skin clean and has reduced breakouts for me.  It removes all the dirt and dust off my face and out of my pores from a day outside.  The Complex VI makes my skin feel very soft and relaxed.  The Environ Protect works awesome with its built in sunscreen that works all day.  I spend a lot of time in the sun at race tracks outside and my nose doesn’t get burned anymore.  Chris Sneed"


Subject: Detoxifying / Hydrating Body Wrap

"Recently Isabel did a wrap for me. This is one of her newest services, and I didn't know what to expect. The results far exceeded my expectations!  I had a rash that covered my legs, and had extended all the way down to my knees.  It had been there for months, and continued to get worse, despite the fact I had been to two Dermatologists, an Allergy Doctor, and my family Doctor.  The wrap was very pleasant, and I felt like a butterfly in a cocoon.  When the wrap was taken off, I felt totally renewed, and rejuvenated! I was amazed!  Much to my delight and surprise, the next day the rash that had plagued me for months was almost gone! It continued to get better over the next few days, and now has disappeared. Another benefit is that my arms and legs looked much more toned, as if I had been working out. It actually made them look quite a bit younger. I couldn't believe my eyes! Will I go back for another wrap?.....You betcha'...I am SO looking forward to the next one!  Thank you, Isabel!  Elaine Cresenzo"

Subject: Visita dall'Italia

"Purtroppo SONO Troppo lontano da te per poterti affidare la mia pelle ! pero conoscendoti SONO Certo Che affida chi SI a te non puo AVERE niente Di Meglio!  Renzo Zucca"


Subject: Isabel Meets All My Skin Care Needs

"Isabel has been my Aesthetician for several years now.  We bonded the first time we met.  She has a passion for skin care, and is constantly learning and passing on the benefits of her wisdom to her clients.  She cares deeply for each individual's needs and takes their particular skin care issues as seriously as they do.  She listens. She responds.  She cares.  She treats everyone individually.  I trust her to do what is best for me.  Elaine Cresenzo"

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