Excellence in Skin Care

I have always been interested in Beauty and Health and my love for people has led me to become an aesthetician.  After over 25 years in the corporate arena, I decided it was time for me to make a career change.  The next step was to decide what I wanted to do, what I had a passion for, and how I could help people.  Then, after considerable thinking and research, I decided that as an aesthetician I could not only help people solve problems affecting their skin, but I could also help them understand what affects their skin and causes it to be imbalanced and, therefore, not look as good as they wish.

After being trained and acquiring my primary Aesthetics License, I became even more fascinated with the field and went on taking courses, attending seminars and conferences in different parts of the country and abroad.  In acquiring more information each time, I knew that I could only do one thing: be the best I could be, use the best products and equipment in the industry and keep on learning, not only about the technical aspects of the industry, but about people.  This is what I strive for every day.

The resume of a dedicated Aesthetician is forever changing because she will be constantly taking both mandatory classes to renew her license annually and elective classes that will amplify her skills and knowledge.  So far I have added the titles of Medical Aesthetician and Oncology Aesthetician to my license.

Knowing what I want to provide for my clients, I knew that I had to do it myself, at a small and very personal practice.  And so I did.  Though equipped with the adequate and necessary tools to perform my services, my office is small, simple, extremely clean, and I always have time to converse with my clients about their skin care needs.

Finally, caring for my clients means identifying their needs, performing specific services required by each and every client I treat, recommending the products and home regimen to be followed in between visits, educating them and, if necessary, referring  them to the right professional.

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